Client: City of Skagway Alaska

To provide a safe pedestrian passage from cruise docks to downtown Skagway, and provide an opportunity for more tourism. Provided a separated safe parking area free of collisions, Created a year-round park not only the Tourism but also an off season park for the locals.  This transformation changed a previous industrial and degraded pedestrian path.

Take advantage of the views, show off the history of the city interpretative panels, providing viewing scenic overlooks,  show operation of the small boat harbor, organize pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and accommodate equal billing for tourism industry, Separated and provided loading and unloading space.  Develop a safe inviting ADA accessible seawalk to increase tourism and create an inviting attractive entrance.

Landscape designer on multi-discipline team working to provide a safe and functional seawalk for cruise ship visitors. Following the location and design of a new seawall, uplands development addressed the safety and facilities needed for tourists and cruise ship passengers to the Skagway historical downtown area and redesign of the vehicular and pedestrian circulation for multiple stakeholders, including the White Pass Railroad.

Overlooks, plazas, sitting areas, connections to existing activities and appropriate plantings provide a unique setting leading into the downtown district through a special opportunity that identifies Skagway’s identity and “sense of place.” Acknowledgment of the local history, independent yet in conjunction with the National Park Service and the historic downtown, and creation of inviting spaces available to the local residents year round were part of the client’s requests.